Legal support in international prosecution and extradition.

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  • Interpol

    Request for access and deletion

    You were illegally placed on the Interpol`s database?

    Don't Panic, there is always a way out!

  • Stories

    Riyad Aliyev, a former co-owner of the private Teffekur university

    The president and his family decided to appropriate the university and told me that I must give them my share. I said no. As a result, a criminal case was instituted against me. My friends advised me to leave and helped me leave the country.

    When I saw my picture on the database of the Interpol I got very scared. I started looking for someone who would help me and found the website of the Collegium of lawyers. They helped and now I am not on the international wanted list anymore.

  • Riyad Aliyev, former co-owner private university

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