Legal support in international prosecution and extradition.

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The tricks of safe passage requests

There is no guarantee that a person with refugee status will not lead to an arrest. May be those factors which can still endanger the travelling refugee.


The choice of the target country is crucial

Yekaterina Krongaus, from “Medusa”, interviewed Ales Michalevic, and found out what are the best countries for requesting asylum and surrendering


What is extradition?

Extradition – is the right of a country, but not its obligation. It becomes an obligation only if there is a bilateral agreement on mutual judicial assistance in criminal cases.


How to measure persecution?

In many cases, receiving asylum requires evidence of persecution that can be difficult to produce.


Illegal Financial Schemes or Politically Grounded Case?

Russian Businessman Charged with Fraud. Illegal Financial Schemes or Politically Grounded Case?


Britain & Russia

Extraditional relations in the case of suspects in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.


Julian Assange: "Life here is like on a space ship"

Do not destroy the system you hack, do not change the information it consists, but share it


Wanted and desired

Roman Polanski has been on the red notice list in the INTERPOL's database since 2005


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