Legal support in international prosecution and extradition.

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Wanted by Interpol

Are you on the international wanted list or is your name on the database of INTERPOL? Don`t panic! Especially if you currently live in the EU, USA or Canada. You CAN and you MUST dispute unjustified charges, you CAN and you MUST fight for your rights and freedom, you can get your personal information deleted from the international search databases. Our Collegium has unique experience of work with the company leaders and business owners, who were illegally persecuted by the Russian authorities and the governments of other countries. We successfully cooperate with the INTERPOL in order to prove that the prosecution, in most cases, is unlawful, and usually, politically motivated. Dozens of our clients live in peace in the European countries and continue their entrepreneurial activities, notwithstanding the prosecution, international search and other obstacles.

With the central office in Prague, our Collegium has branches in Berlin, Warsaw, New York, Tallinn and Vilnius. Our leading partner is a well-known lawyer, Alaksiej Michalevic, Doctor of Science, member of the European Association of Lawyers. In 2011 Alaksiej Michalevic was persecuted and internationally wanted by the Belarusian authorities. As the result of our actions, the Central Bureau of Interpol denied the request of Belarus to place Dr. Michalevic in the database, making a certain statement. After the political situation in Belarus had changed in 2015, Dr. Michalevic gained the opportunity to come to Belarus and other CIS countries, though he continues to run the central office of the International Collegium in Prague.

The basic principle of our work is confidentiality. We have never had a case of transferring personal information to the third parties. Cooperation with the mass media starts only after we sign a special agreement with our client. Those clients, who make up our list of successful cases, gave us a written approval. The main thing is to never give up, as there is always a way out, no matter how difficult the situation is!

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