Legal support in international prosecution and extradition.

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Liability waiver

  • All information provided on the the Legal Status International Collegium’s website is intended solely for informational purposes, it is not and should not be considered as legal advice or recommendation and does not create a lawyer-client relationship between the site visitor and the Collegium.
  • The Legal Status International Collegium is not responsible for any actions or inactions taken on the basis of reading the information published on this website. The list of services provided by the Collegium and the Tariffs do not contain all the essential terms of the agreement and are not a public offer. Any legally binding relationship between the client and the Legal Status International Collegium (as well as with any of the lawyers or lawyers of the Collegium) arises only after the conclusion of the contract.
  • All materials published on the Collegium’s website are not extensive and do not contain answers to all questions that may arise in connection with any particular case. All translations of normative acts and other documents posted on the Collegium’s website are not official translations.
  • In addition, it should be borne in mind that the legal framework and practice change over time, so the information posted on the site may become outdated and not reflect the latest changes. The Collegium strives to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of its publication on the site, but does not guarantee the relevance of the data and their applicability to individual circumstances.
  • No past outcomes of the Legal Status International Collegium’s services guarantee the achievement of similar results in the future. Each legal issue is unique, so solutions suitable for one case may be irrelevant or ineffective for others. To discuss each specific situation, we strongly recommend that you seek individual legal advice from a qualified lawyer.
  • The licenses for the practice of law by lawyers of the Legal Status International Collegium correspond to the jurisdictions of those countries that issued these licenses.

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