Legal support in international prosecution and extradition.

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How does it work?

In the states with authoritarian regimes, the violation of one`s human rights does not require much effort. If a citizen of such country has become an obstacle on the way of a powerful individual, he will have many problems even if he manages to flee from the state of origin abroad. The search of a fugitive will be actively conducted together with the attempts to get him back and the most popular grounds for persecution is the desire to appropriate his money, business and other financial assets.

An individual is placed on the database of the Interpol and an international arrest warrant is issued in his name through bilateral extradition agreements. Such persecution may last years. It also creates numerous difficulties to exercise one`s right to fair trial, even if the case was fully fabricated. The main problem lies in the fact that usually the country, where the wanted individual is located, does not have the possibility to study the case in detail. That is why victims of international persecution need very qualified legal, and sometimes also psychological, support.

Our company specializes in legal services, related to persecution through Interpol and other institutes of international law. We know how important the circumstances of any case are and we build the defense strategy of our clients so that it will bring the best outcomes. After our specialists study a case, we create a set of documents necessary for appeals and help to find a professional lawyer in the country of location of our clients upon request. As the result of our work, the information on our clients on the databased of the Interpol is deleted and they receive refugee status in one of the EU countries.

However, being granted refugee status does not necessarily mean that all the problems will be gone. While there still are powerful individuals in the country of origin of a refugee, who want him back, there is always the risk of arrest and further extradition when crossing a border. In such case it is best to have permanent legal support and be able to consult with a specialist on, for example, how dangerous it is to enter a particular country.

We have been successfully working on many cases, that other lawyers did not even want to consider. It is possible not only due to prominent level of professionalism of our employees but also due to an extended network of connections in the field of protection against persecution. The Collegium is closely cooperating with famous legal and human rights associations as well as with European lawyers, who have priceless skills and experience in international, immigration and corporative law. That is why we are able to provide our clients with full range of services for finding solutions in the most intricate situations.  

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