Legal support in international prosecution and extradition.

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Beware scammers!

We have received information about the actions of scammers on behalf of the UAB Legal status company. Using our company's data obtained from open sources, they impose non-existent services on potential victims by providing fake contracts.
They have a fake website and advertise themselves on Facebook and other social networks.
The vigilance of many potential victims has already allowed them to protect themselves from fraudsters by contacting us for clarification through the contact details provided on the official website of the company.
All the information we have received about the scammers has been passed on to the Lithuanian police.
Please note that UAB Legal status:
  • does not provide services for the return of funds from investments;
  • does not provide financial consulting services;
  • He does not impose his services through phone calls to potential customers or in private messages on social networks.

Liability waiver

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