Legal support in international prosecution and extradition.

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Case files and other information required to prepare a request to the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files (CCF)

Documents, case files and other information required to prepare a request to the CCF:

  1. A scan or a photo of an official identity document (preferably the data page of the passport that is assumed to be used in the case by the Court) which includes all the necessary elements to identify the person. In some cases, scans of a residence permit or passport of the country of current residence may be additionally required.
  2. Facts and c hr onological summary of the case a text document summari sing all stages of development of the case showin g the dates and any assumptions about individuals/organiz a tions that may be an interested party involved in influencing the investigation/Criminal Court.
  3. Case files:
    • decrees on initiation of criminal case;
    • bill of Indictment;
    • decrees to declare wanted (national, international);
    • arrest warrant.
  1. Appeals, applications, requests and other materials relevant to the case, depicting interaction with the investigation/ Criminal Court.
  2. Other information that can be beneficial to the case. For example:
    • media publications;
    • expert opinions;
    • legal opinions.
  1. Power of Attorney (according to the attached form). No certification required.

Documents are submitted in a form of a scan copy (preferably in PDF format), photos (preferably in JPG format) and text files (preferably in DOCX format). Web pages and media publications should preferably be saved as PDFs, not as HTMLs. You can also send as a list of links to web pages that are needed to be saved.

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