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Remote Work Policy

1. Eligibility

Starting from 2020, we have completely switched to a remote work format, which remains after the re-registration of our company as a Legal status UAB partnership. All positions are eligible for remote work.

2. Availability

Standard working time schedule from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET (base UTC+1 and UTC+2 DST). The ability to set individual employees their own work schedules depending on their time zone is discussed individually.

3. Responsiveness

During standard business hours, a remote worker should strive to respond promptly to questions from colleagues and/or clients. If there is no possibility of prompt communication, it is necessary to give an answer within an hour. As the main means of communication, you should use the Threema and WhatsApp messengers to send files to the corporate cloud storage.

4. Productivity measurements

Productivity is measured in several ways, depending on the employee's job responsibilities. It can be:

  • time spent on project implementation;
  • number of completed tasks per work week;
  • the number of interactions with clients per work week.

5. Equipment

When accepting an employee for remote work, we expect that he already has his own computer or laptop for work tasks and a smartphone for work communications. Personal office equipment must be used in accordance with the information security policy.

If, in accordance with the information security policy, an employee cannot use a personal computer or laptop to perform his duties, then the appropriate equipment will be provided to the employee for temporary use.

6. Tech support

Remote workers are not provided with ongoing technical support. If serious technical problems arise, an employee can request the company to organize or pay for on-site technical support.

7. Rightful termination

No employee will be fired based on the remote work format, even if the company needs to transfer part of the employees to the office work format or hybrid, the employee has the right to refuse such a transition.

8. Physical environment

A comfortable workplace is a matter of health and safety. We prefer to make sure that a healthy work environment is available to the employee before starting remote work.

9. Security

Security is a big issue with remote work. When information is taken out of the office, it is much more difficult to protect it. Employees of Legal status UAB must be attentive to risks and follow the information security policy. It is not allowed to work with confidential information in public Wi-Fi networks.

It is not allowed to discuss work issues while driving while driving.

10. Client confidentiality

An employee has no right to disclose confidential information of clients and the company. Any confidential information may only be used for business purposes. An employee working remotely must use strong passwords, not discuss work issues in the presence of third parties, use only corporate messengers and email for work correspondence, and store work files only in corporate cloud storage.

Liability waiver

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